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"Transforming people's lives in the most positive way of healthcare living in the
comfort of their own home"

24 hour on-call service available



Our care begins with dependable healthcare professionals. They are trained and licensed to provide the services needed within the scope of practice and according to the State rules and regulations. Our healthcare providers aim to deliver the care with excellence to the best of their abilities. At Optimus Homecare, we provide healthcare to families everywhere to meet the needs of the consumer. We are here to provide clients and families the most positive experience with the utmost respect and dignity they deserve and maintain a better quality of life.

Registered Nurse

Responsible for the delivery of patient care services through coordination, implementation, and supervision of patients and staff; participates in quality improvement activities within the Agency in compliance to professional standards of practice.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Provides services in the patient’s home in compliance to agency standards and regulations; ensures that patients receive the highest possible quality of care.

Home Health Aide

Provides quality and delivery of home health care services; assist in the home health care services that reflect the agency’s philosophy and standards.

Physical Therapist

Provides physical therapy services to patients as directed by the plan of treatment and in line with the objectives and policy of the agency; supervises staff and maintains responsibility for implementation and follow-through of physical therapy procedures.

Occupational Therapist

Provides occupational therapy services to help patient reach maximum performance level and to be able to use patient’s skills to the fullest to function in the community; supervises staff with patient treatment and create work plan to conform to the agency policies and procedures.

Speech Therapist

Evaluates patient’s speech and language abilities; detects and assesses patient’s level of function; plans and provides rehabilitation services for speech and language disorders.

Skilled Nursing

  • IV Therapy treatment
  • Wound treatment
  • Tracheostomy care and other respiratory treatment
  • Stoma care (ostomies/colostomy)
  • Catheter care and maintenance (urinary, drainage, enteral)
  • Hemodialysis/Peritoneal dialysis care
  • Diabetic teaching and injection administration
  • Family and patient care teaching

Other non-medical services:

Companionship Services

Homemaker Services

Optimus Homecare is here to help and serve the community to reach one’s journey to a better health. The services we offer impact many lives…

Let us be a part of your life in transforming your way of healthcare living within the comfort of your own special place.

About Us

Optimus Homecare started as a vision fifteen years ago and became a reality recently when two collaborated with the idea. This was created to better serve the community with their health care needs and to provide employment to fellow healthcare professionals. Our mission is to transform people's lives in the most positive way of living despite adversities to health in the comfort of their own homes. We strive to provide the optimum services with the help of our licensed healthcare professionals. We believe that continuity of care in the safety and comfort of own home is the fastest way to recovery and fulfillment. Our effort in participating in the community with providing our services will help clients and families go through life's journey with ease and peace of mind.

We at Optimus Homecare take pride in working with professionals and community agencies to meet the needs of families and individuals. At Optimus Homecare, "we provide healthcare to families everywhere". We place great value in participating with high standards and ethics.

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